We have produced enough chocolate for the Chocolate Day – CPC MD

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The Managing Director of the Cocoa Processing Company (CPC), Nana Agyenim Boateng says there is enough produced chocolate to satisfy the Ghanaian market for the Valentine or Chocolate Day festive period.

He declared the local chocolate consuming market was worth US$45 million observing the processing company produces 4000 cantons every week which gets distributed.

Mr. Boateng also stated it is to combat the heavy importation of foreign chocolates and cocoa products that the Heritage Line from the (CPC) was activated to give more chocolate variety to consumers.

The Ghanaian government has taken advantage of Valentine’s Day to rebrand it as the National Chocolate Day to stimulate the consumption of locally made chocolates. The Cocoa Processing Company produces 2000 metric tons of chocolate annually.

Health benefits of the dark chocolate and general cocoa products include helping reduce high blood pressure, check cholesterol, enhance cognitive abilities and contain the rate of cancer. Experts credit the health benefits to chemical compounds called polyphenols, specifically flavonoids, plant compounds that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Ghana’s most notable chocolate brand is Golden Tree.

The global chocolate market is worth some US$103.28 billion and has been estimated to reach approximately US$161.56 billion by 2024.

Ghana is ranked the second-best cocoa producer and the country with the finest cocoa beans

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