Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobinah Bonney, aka DKB has dropped his defences on staying chaste as he admits he’s a fornicator.

According to the self-acclaimed “Comedy King” since he has not settled down with a woman legally but is still bonking ladies, he is totally guilty of fornication.

“I’m a senior fornicator. Once I’m not married, but I’m sexually active; so that makes me a fornicator. It’s just like saying I take bribe for a good course, it is still bribery,” he told MzGee on ‘Gee Spot’ show.

“If I rob somebody to pay the bills of my sick mother, it is still a sin; so if I have sex with a woman and I’m not married to her, it is still fornication and there is no justification for that,” DKB told MzGee.

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