Ghanaians experience Cowbell in the Sky

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For the first time in history, Ghanaians experienced and enjoyed a hot air balloon and travelled to see fascinating places in Ghana above sea level during the Cowbell in the Sky project.

The Cowbell balloon flew over the country from 12th to 19th May 2018.

The Cowbell balloon project helps the ongoing efforts to boost tourism, recreation and business in the country.

Some Ghanaians who enjoyed the flight have given good testimonies about the Cowbell in the Sky project.

Speaking to the press in Accra, the Managing Director of Promasidor Ghana, Dirk Laeremans was full of appreciation to the Civil Aviation Authority for the support and guidance they offered to the project.

He said, “the Civil Aviation Authority have been extremely supportive in guiding us through the registration and inspection of the very first hot air balloon in Ghana. Our Cowbell balloon has the proud registration number 9G-AFO”.

Pilot of the Cowbell balloon, Koen Audenaert sharing his experience noted that “ever since I began the flight for 29 years I have not experienced any accident before, but the project has been fully insured by Aviabel, an insurance company in Europe who have a sub-company in Ghana”.

Cowbell has promised to host another take off in October of this year.

The hot air balloon is an aircraft consisting of a large bag, called an envelope, which contains heated air. Suspended beneath this is a gondola or wicker basket, which carries both passengers and a source of fuel to burn in order to heat up the air in the envelope.”

‘Cowbell in the sky’ project will help promote tourism in Ghana – Dirk Laeremans

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