Stop celebrating gallivanting worshipers; they are from satan – Rev. Lamptey

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Rev Abraham Lamptey, head pastor of Believers House of Worship International has advised Christians to beware of false, inconsistent and roaming worship leaders who have little or no control from a superior authority.

Terming them as ‘satan worshippers’, Rev, Lamptey likened the characteristics of such individuals to that of the devil himself as according to the Bible, satan was a musician but rebelled along the line and was sent down from heaven.

“Worship is a weapon that if it is not controlled, it destroys. So don’t celebrate a worshipper who has no pastor, who can tell him or her, sit down and they will sit. Stop celebrating gallivanting worshippers, they are satan anointed worshippers, they cannot submit, just like Lucifer.

For your information, everything God gave to him, he did not take it back,so they may sound the same but not to the same God. They may have the best voice, but not being heard by heaven.

Unfortunately we have too many satan anointed worshippers in the system, because when worship begins to lift them up, they walk away from the same church. So they don’t have pastors pastoring over them,” he mentioned.

Speaking during the launch of Tehilla Experience 2018 in Accra, Rev Lamptey explained that although worship is a powerful weapon in the Christian faith, it is easy to have phony’s who act and behave in the same way a Christian worship leader may behave but under an influence, not of God.

The question of the legitimacy of some men of God these days has been on the minds of many, not just Christians as some in the name of God as some wrongly preach and portray biblical teachings.

Rev. Lamptey warned that although everything about a worship leader sometimes may come of as authentic especially when people are falling (a sign of wonders happening in Charistianity), that does validate the man of God.

“We have emotional worship, so people will fall down for you to think there is a presence, it could be satan pushing people to the ground. Watch before you celebrate, because hear me if you are not careful, you will be worshipping another God, because of the worshipper. But the truth of the matter is, when worship becomes buyable, sinfull rich can by God’s food. If worship can be bought, the snner who has money can organize worship programmes. So let us make worship too expensive and the only way to make it expensive is to let peple know that their money cannot buy it so come for it

American Pentecostal televangelist and gospel singer, Juanita Bynum, is expected to grace this year’s Tehilla Experience to be held on August 12, organisers of the event have announced.

Dubbed ‘His Name is Jesus’, Tehilla Experience 2018 will also feature Ghana’s Moses OK, Elder Mireku, Ceccy Twum, Oware Junior, Cwesi Oteng, Akese Brempong and many others.

The event will be held at the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Calvary Temple, Spintex. Like previous editions, entry is free.

Stop celebrating gallivanting worshipers; they are from satan – Rev. Lamptey

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