James Gardiner
James Gardiner

Ghanaian actor and TV presenter, James Gardiner, has said Ghanaians do not practice cinema culture which ends up retarding the growth of the movie industry in the country.

Speaking on Adom TV’s ‘Ahosepe Xtra’, he stated that Ghanaians hardly go to the cinema to watch movies as they see it to be for a particular group of people who do so.

“We don’t have cinema culture here in Ghana. It is not common for someone to go to the movies with his or her partner, friend, or sibling. This is seen as it is meant for a particular group of people to go to the movies,” he said.


According to him, Nigerians have more interest in watching movies and in appreciating the movie industry as compared to Ghanaians.

“Let’s take a country like Nigeria for instance, not to disrespect, but for them, anybody can go out with the partner, friend, mother or sibling to the cinema. They don’t see it as you need to have money or belong to a certain kind of group before sending them to the cinema,” Mr. Gardiner noted.

He urged the leaders and producers in the movie sector to make the movies produced more attractive and affordable for the people in the country so that they will be able to patronize them at ease.

“If you’re painting a picture to someone and you make it look like this is something huge, it will be those who are prominent that will show up. But if you make it look like anyone at all can go to the cinema to watch movies, more people will attend,” he stressed.

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