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To curb the rising incidence and mortality rate of cancer in Africa, Africa’s leading cancer treatment hub, Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval (CICL), has launched an ultramodern facility.

The motive is to offer high-end services with cutting-edge technology over a short period of time to persons who opt for local services.

Situated in Togo, CICL has been tipped to be the best centre in Africa due to the fact that they utilize devices that are as those in Europe and other advanced countries.

From the marble tile floors to the carpeted walls, the centre ensures comfort for, safety and quality care for its patience. It is also a fully digitized centre that operates with the latest technological innovations.

CICL employs the use of state of the art machinery including a scanner equipped with lasers to better locate the cancerous lesions on various parts of the body.

After its discovery, patients are taken through a highly sophisticated radiotherapy machine solely meant to detect and destroy the cancer cells.

At CICL, an effective treatment in less than 10 minutes with 98% results without any known side effects is guaranteed at an affordable cost.

Over there, the issue of interchanging identities has since not been recorded as records are computerized and secured in an internal system. Also, they is no delay in appointment thanks to a personal digital badge allocated to each patient.

For persons residing outside Togo, partnership have been made with hotels to accommodate clients and ensure their comfort.

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