The much-loved kids’ song “Baby Shark” video has become the first and only YouTube video to have surpassed 10 billion views.

The video earned the position of the most-viewed YouTube video of all time some time ago in November 2020.

“Baby Shark” is a cultural touchstone content you’ll probably find a huge number of kids singing it at summer camps. The music video which has had record-breaking popularity was created by a South Korean educational and Entertainment Company called Pinkfong.

This song is one that seems would never be forgotten by kids and grownups. But the song’s impact didn’t stop just at the earworm hit. Given the success, it has had ” a Baby Shark show has already been created on Nickelodeonas well as a Baby Shark movie, and yes, Baby Shark NFTs was unveiled by the entertainment company Pinkfong.

The much-loved kid’s song was performed by Korean-American singer Hope Segoine, in 2016 and was immediately a viral hit in Asia but didn’t drive Americans’ collective consciousness until 2019.

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According to CNN, YouTube’s most-watched video depicts two real children demonstrating the “Baby Shark Dance” while the titular animated shark and his family — including a moustachioed “Grandpa Shark” — swim serenely and later attempt to hunt the kids. They fail, though, and the kids celebrate their safety while the sharks watch from afar, forks in fin.

The second top-viewed video on YouTube currently is Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito,” which held the crown before “Baby Shark” overtook as the most popular video in November 2020, has managed ‘just’ 7.7 billion views as of this writing. To celebrate the most recent “special milestone,” Pinkfong invited kids all over the world to share their “Baby Shark Dance moments” with the company.

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