A 20-year-old woman, Augustina Andrew, has been stabbed by an armed robber at North Kwesimintsim in Takoradi after he succeeded in snatching her phone.

According to some residents, the timely intervention of a neighbor who transported her to the hospital saved Augustina from possible death since she was bleeding profusely.

Augustina shared her ordeal with Citi News.

“I was walking back from work, so I decided to go and buy food. On my way coming, I saw a man coming, but I was thinking he was also going to buy something, but did not get some to buy.”

“I was using my phone and the phone’s torch was on, so I did not see anything, all I heard was ‘Fa phone nu bra’ (bring the phone). When I raised my head, he was holding a knife. He was walking towards me, so I was moving back, so I slipped, and I held his shirt and we both fell. He took the phone from me and thought I was struggling with him so that is how come he stabbed me on my arms and leg and went away with the phone.”

According to a resident, the incident is yet to be reported to the police since the victim was hospitalized for days.

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