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An illicit video involving rapper Okesse 1 and Yaw Tog has gone rife on the internet and given rise to a hot conversation piece amongst social media users.

In this video which has raised eyebrows amongst the Ghanaian populace, rapper, Okese 1 can be seen smoking weed in a moving car whiles Yaw Tog was sitting in the front seat.

The two musicians were happily jamming to Jhay Bhad’s latest released banger.

As we all know, smoking marijuana is against the laws of the country hence can lead to one’s arrest.

Netizens have since called for the arrest of Okese 1 because veteran rapper, Kwaw Kese, was arrested for committing the same offense some years ago.

Below are some of the comments from angry Ghanaians who strongly believe that Okese 1 might be a bad influence on Yaw Tog who is a teenager.

@ras_wenger: “Smoking is now the new trend among the young musicians? God help us.” Sam wondered who was driving:

@samboat247: “Who’s driving?.”

@angieo_angie: “Arrest b3 ba mu p33.”

@zioneric27: “Dem fr teach am small lesson, there shd b sanity in dx country.”

@kofia_panda: “High spirits.”

@igetown: ‘Wonom wee gu akolaaa no so

Watch the video below to know more…

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