Dr Titus Beyuo GMA Dept General Secretary

The Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr. Titus Beyuo has reiterated that data gathered by health authorities show that the Covid-19 vaccines procured by government are effective and safe for use.

His assurance comes to address concerns by the Concerned Ghanaian Doctors who have stated that the vaccines being used in the country are not safe. They contended that recent studies show that the vaccinated are becoming more relevant in the spread of Covid-19.

Thus, the vaccine rollout as well as government’s vaccine mandate should be stopped. The group has accordingly petitioned President Akufo-Addo to ensure the lives of Ghanaians are not gambled away.

But speaking on Joy FM’s Midday News on Wednesday, Dr. Beyuo indicated that “the data we have in Ghana shows us that these vaccines are safe and efficacious.”

According to him, health officials have made it clear that the vaccine does not prevent an individual from contracting the virus but rather reduces mortality rate and the severity of cases.

“The vaccine has demonstrated clearly that it can prevent death, ICU admission and reduce critical severe injuries. All these data are available. So to cite a few incidences and global data and come to that conclusion is unfortunate.”

He further added that: “There is a joint committee that meets every two weeks to review all our vaccination data in Ghana. Adverse events following vaccination are being studied closely.

If somebody gets an event after vaccination, there are scientific ways to establish the causality to show that the problem actually came from the vaccine or a coincidental event.”

Interacting with Araba Koomson, Dr. Beyuo insisted that the Concerned Ghanaian Doctors have erred by not using the appropriate channels to register their concerns. He noted that if they had done that, they would have been provided with the needed information.

“It is rather unfortunate they are not using the right medium to address the concerns. As a scientific community, there are better ways to address the concerns,” Dr. Beyuo said.

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