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Shatta Wale has sort to expose Burna Boy as he recounted the days he used to feed and clothe the Nigerian artiste.

The SM President has started to release some exclusive information about Burna Boy after the two got engrossed in the exchange of daring words in a renewed social media brawl.

Following that, Shatta Wale has released a throwback video which he has used to brag about moments he used to house, feed and clothe Burna Boy when the artiste was trying to make headway.

Sharing a video on Twiter to give credence to his claim, Shatta Wale described Burna Boy as an ingrate who has failed to appreciate the investment he made into his life and career in order to help him get a strong footing in the music industry.

He went on to describe the “African Giant” as a garden boy considering how wretched and poorly dressed he looked in a video he shared. According to him, he bought the clothes and insisted that Burna Boy wore them properly but he was not fashion-savvy enough to look good.

Shatta Wale maintained that Burna Boy’s initial relationship with him was an eye-opening moment for the singer which affected his overall career as a musician positively.

This was our video shoot(Hosanna) when I showed you $120k dollar my godfather gave me..Your were smelling it like pussy ..kwasiaaaa…La borrow boy like you ..bringing a video of when I got you the dress you wearing from head to toe…ungrateful being !!

See jon ,from head to toe ,I didn’t like the dress but you insisted .. like my garden boy

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