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Valiant and fearless Shatta Wale has finally replied to Burnaboy’s courageous call for them to settle out their differences like men.

Earlier yesterday, Burnaboy through a series of posts on his Insta-stories called out both Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy for promoting African disunity over their attack on Nigerians for not supporting musicians from other parts of the continent.

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In one of his updates, he subtly jabbed Shatta Wale for still being a fool despite his advanced age after bashing him for having a fallout with all the people who helped shape his career.

Aside from insulting Shatta Wale as a grown fool, Burnaboy also called for a fist duel between himself and Shatta to help settle the bad blood that has ignited between them.

Take a look at the screenshots below to know more…

Well, Shatta Wale in a fresh tweet has dared the self-made African giant to meet him at the Accra sports stadium for a lyrical contest if he’s truly the man he claims to be.

In this from Shatta Wale has entered Nigeria without a visa, Shatta Wale gave the condition that Burnaboy won’t be permitted to sing any of his recorded songs but rather freestyle on beats given during their lyrical battle.

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The African dancehall king wrote;

I double dare you @burnaboy , Infact I 10x dare you ….This no be fight just lyrical ….Like you go stop sing !!!! #lyricalchampion Don’t let anyone tell you I want to use you for hype cuz u no money hasn’t been a problem from day 1 I met you ! Don’t forget yourself so soon!

Oh @burnaboy says he want a 1 on 1 ..ok let’s do this Accra sports stadium ..I just call shots

…If you be man !!!! Don’t come sing your song let’s do freestyle !!! Ghana – Nigeria … Am fucken ready for this ..

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