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Police at Mamponteng in the Kwabre East Municipality of the Ashanti Region say they will intensify night patrols to avert further disturbances in the area after a clash between two youth groups on Monday night left two persons seriously injured.

Some youth from the Zongo and Asante Community in the area clashed in what was said to be a reprisal after one person was attacked because he refused to give out his phone.

The intervention of the police prevented an escalation of the disturbances between the rival youth groups in the Bronum and Abensenase electoral areas.

Assembly Member for Bronum Electoral Area, Yaminu Suleman has been narrating the incident to Citi News.

“The clash started from Friday. There was one youth who came from town to go and get something. Unfortunately, he did not get what he wanted, so he decided to buy something else. He met two men who demanded his phone. He resisted and struggled with them. Before he could realize, they had stabbed him with a knife. He was taken to the hospital. We do not know what happened, but it seems that his colleagues heard what had happened the previous day, and so they went to the camp of the other side to retaliate.”

Ampedu-Kyire Baffour, also the assembly member for Abensenase advised the youth in the areas to shun such violent crimes and activities.

“Conflicts happen, but the resolution is the problem. When things happen, how they are resolved can lead to an escalation. So we have met the youth and have advised them accordingly. How can you use a machete on an innocent person because you want to take a phone? So we are advising them not to be engaging in such acts.”

Police met with both Assembly Members on Tuesday morning.

Citi News checks indicate that no arrests have been made so far and that the injured are also on admission.

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