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Rapper, Captain Planet has confessed that musicians in the country including himself are fat liars whiles speaking in an on-air interview with DJ Reuben on LUV FM.

According to Captain Planet, they don’t own any of the luxury cars, Rolex watches, and the other expensive things they talk about in their songs.

He added that the extravagant and ostentatious objects they pretend to own on the internet or use in their music videos are all hired.

Captain Planet advised the youths not to be so hard on themselves if they see musicians and celebrities at large posting highly-priced items on the internet because in most cases, it’s either hired or running an ad for an agency.

This is very true because Shatta Wale for instance has posted a lot of cars claiming to be his own but was later busted for lying about them.

It can be recalled that last May, Shatta Wale shared videos and pictures of a Rolls Royce Cullinan on his social media pages claiming that it was his latest big boy purchase.

It was later discovered that the expensive ride belonged to a rich friend of his living in the US.

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