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Promising Ghanaian musician who performs under the stage name Yaw Berk has taken to the internet to solicit for funds to pay his rent because he’s just an inch away from being thrown out by his landlord.

In an interview on Okay FM, the rapper revealed that his landlord has been on him for some time because his house rent is past due.

Yaw Berk who sounded very disturbed throughout the interview called on all Ghanaians to just help him with any amount of money that they have to renew his rent because he’s currently financially handicapped.

In his own words;

Right now the only problem I have is with my landlord. He is evicting me because I can’t renew my rent. I live at Trasssacco and my rent is due so my landlord is always knocking on my gate and that is worrying. So if I get people who will donate to support me, I will be eternally grateful” 

During the interview, he also bashed his former boss, Kaywa, of Highly Spiritual Music for failing to manage him well.

He tagged Kaywa as an incompetent manager because he only released two songs after spending two years with Highly Spiritual Music.

Many Ghanaians on the internet have subjected him to ridicule because they fin it very absurd for someones who claims to be broke to be living in an expensive area like Trassaco.

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