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Upcoming talented female singer, Bhadest Cona, has finally reacted to the widespread speculations that she stole Kuami Eugene’s “Bunker” music video concept for her “Bolga Girl” single.

According to Bhadest Cona, she’s not a thief so critics should dead the talks that she stole Kuami Eugene’s video concept.

Speaking with Sammy Kay of Sammy Kay Media over the brouhaha, the promising diva accused Kuami Eugene of also stealing her song.

She professed that Kuami Eugene was supposed to be featured on her “Bolga Girl” song but he refused after stealing the melody and rhythm.

As asserted by Bhadest Cona, she’s only learning from Kuami Eugene because he’s the only Ghanaian musician who has been busted on numerous occasions for stealing the song of up-and-coming acts.

Bhadest Cona additionally added that she intentionally copied Kuami Eugene’s “Bunker” video concept just to make know how it feels when a person’s intellectual property gets stolen.

She said;

Kuami Eugene is disturbing me so I disturbed him a little. I’m learning from him. Kuami copied me and I learned from him. He copied my song Bolga and named it Bunker. We sent him my song through a third party for a feature. That was there months ago.”

This is definitely a tit-for-tat game. Kuami Eugene is yet to react to Bhadest Cona’s claims that of stealing her song.

Since he already has a track record of stealing the songs of budding musicians, it’s very difficult to defend him in this case.

Check out the controversial music video(s) below to know more…

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