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Kaninja has been exposed and humiliated once again by a lady citing from a couple of screenshots that have gone rife on the internet.

In these fast trending screenshots, Kaninja who has swallowed shame was begging these ladies for momo.

Kaninja who has been ticked as a gold digger by all his exes didn’t relent although these ladies showed him a harsh attitude by refusing to reply to his texts.

Aside from begging for money, the sports presenter who has allegedly been sacked by Dr. Kwaku Oteng also told one of the ladies to order “konkonte” for him.

This is not the first time a lady has accused Kaninja of trying to extort money from her in the name of love.

These screenshots were purposely sent to Ghost Instagram blogger @Abathegreat who also published them on her timeline for the world to know low Kaninja can go when it comes to begging for money.

Kaninja exposed for begging for money
Kaninja exposed for begging for money

Last Tuesday, one of his exes also recounted how Kaninja used the money she saved for their wedding to buy an Ipad for himself without her consent.

It has also been reported that Xandy Kamel was the one who catered for their wedding cost because Kaninja is very mean with his money.

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