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Sam Safo, 2Hype gang CEO known in showbiz as Showboy has asked Christians to help him understand the scriptures because he wants to give his life to Christ.

The rapper who is currently serving jail term in the United States in a recent post on Facebook called on his Christian followers to help him understand and find answers to certain questions in the bible.

In this post, the Ghanaian US-based rapper asked pastors who are au courant with the bible to give him answers to some questions that bother him in the bible since he wants to give his life to Christ.

He asked; “the reason why the devil’s name is more famous than the name of Jesus Christ“. And also asked, “why God did not stop Judas from betraying Jesus but allowed it“. His last question was “why was the Romans against Jesus…”


Meanwhile, according to Showboy, he is currently having his last school schedule in prison and he will be released in 2022.

Explaining further, the former member of AMG stated that he is taking his last class, a school schedule in the U.S prison, and after that, his case will be closed for him to be freed.

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