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Xandy Kamel and Kaninja have not been fired from Angel Broadcasting Corporation, according to an insider who spoke with renowned Ghanaian blogger and Youtuber – Ameyaw Debrah.

According to the insider, the two employees at ABN have been given a month leave to solve their marital problems which have now become a national topic.

The insider went on to add that, Dr. Kwaku Oteng has no intentions of sacking Xandy Kamel and Kaninja and has even offered to give them free counsel to help save their marriage which is about to collapse.

Xandy Kamel and Kaninja will hopefully return back to their jobs after the one-month leave has expired which will be in December.

In the meantime, Xandy Kamel’s show dubbed ‘Yenom Tea’ will be hosted by another person while Kaninja’s duties will also be handed over to a colleague to take care of.

Earlier yesterday, news went viral on the local digital space that Kaninja and Xandy Kamel have been fired because of their ill-famed marital issues that went public last week.

Some Ghanaians on the internet begged for mercy from Dr Kwaku Oteng to on Xandy and Kaninja’s behalf because that will be like adding insult to injury.

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