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Stonebwoy is the latest celebrity to share his thoughts over Shatta Wale’s arrest following his shooting prank that landed him in prison.

The celebrated dancehall musician made these submissions which have been received in a bad fate by Shatta Wale’s fans whiles he made an appearance in the studios of 3FM for an on-air radio discussion.

According to Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale went very extreme with his prank hence his arrest was very necessary to serve as a deterrent to others who would have copied the same thing just for trends.

He went on to say that there are laws that govern the country and that everyone, regardless of status is obligated to follow them.

In his own words;

You catch a thief stealing something of yours. There are steps you have to take. And if you don’t take time, although you’ve caught a thief who is stealing something from you, you can get into trouble. So there are laws, and there are rules and regulations that apply to everything that we do. Assuming I pick a knife and I stab that thief or I kill him, I have committed a crime. Irrespective of the fact that he stole something from me.

“There are better ways to deal with situations. So that the ripple effect doesn’t go round and round. Your reaction to what happens matters the most. That is the example I can put right now. So that we are all careful to know that irrespective of whether we are right, we have to know that whatever we do as a result of that also has its own implications

I think when they have time, and they are ready, they would come and share a lot about their experiences. It can’t be right for somebody else to be sharing the lesson or not. But I think the best people to answer that would be the people who know or are the ones in that shoe to say the right things. For me, I can also continue to push my advocate and my movement, which also comes a long way to help conscientize people about what is going on.

Medikal was also not left out of his bash, he condemned him for brandishing a gun on social media whiles he’s aware that he’s very influential and many youths learn from him.

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