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Do you remember anything about Livingstone AIK Abani? You seem lost trying to figure out who he was. Well, Mr Tabernacle will help in the recollection process of the man whose name is mentioned above.

Mr Livingstone Abani is/was CEO of Maddhaus Entertainment (one of Africa’s richest entertainment companies).

He also was Shatta Wale’s godfather who once gifted him (Shatta Wale) a brand new 2017 Toyota Fortuner in 2019. He was very rich.

Abani, a Ghana-based Nigerian Businessman made headlines about 2 years ago after a Snapchat user with the username “fatp*ssy055” alleged that Livingston Abani is HIV positive and has since set out on an agenda to spread the pernicious virus.

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The screenshots of the user mentioned actress and Social Media star now repented Moesha Boduong and Musician Tiffany as two of the many female Ghanaian popular figures Mr Livingstone has allegedly had sexual affair with.

It was alleged that he had slept with Moesha for Ghc 10,000 and left her with the virus. This allegation was subjected to discussion on social and traditional media at that time, everybody was talking about it.

To clear his name from the ‘book of shame’ Mr Abani reacted to reports that he is HIV positive and allegedly spreading it in Ghana.

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He shared a picture of an HIV test he took to authenticate to the public that he’s not HIV positive.

The post was accompanied by a long caption, explaining his side of the story in detail. Take a look at the picture of the test results and read the long note below;


“I was greeted yesterday in the morning with humbug and a manufactured storyline, which seeks to dent my hard-earned reputation but I’m confident Ghanaians are discerning and will not take this unfounded allegation hook line and sinker. 

To begin with, I will want to state emphatically that I’m not HIV positive and those behind this are set out for no good. I advise the dawdle snap chat lady who has been recruited to find something else to do than to want to go on this tangent of which ascertaining the truth is just a walk to the hospital for a test. The test results accompany this statement so they can feed their ignorance.

I say verily, destroying my reputation will not launder. This allegation is just a figment of their own imagination and the test results flaws their claims. 

In a series of posts, the said lady claimed I have had sex with dozens of women and celebrities unprotected and paid them huge sums of money. She even went ahead to mention some names and that is rather unfortunate because these people are young Ghanaian women who are working hard and dragging their names like this is unacceptable. 

I’m a man of affairs and an entertainment industry savvy, hence I have always been available to offer help to players in any capacity I deem fit or as much as my strength could allow, but not for sexual pleasure in return – I support the industry out of gratuity and love for the art.

I want to inform her and her cronies that I have been in Ghana since 2002 and not three years ago as she claims, its palpable she has been misguided with information and I advice she desist from peddling falsehood or I allow the laws to take its course.

I hereby entreat all and sundry to treat this malicious fabrication with the discontent it deserves. The matter has been reported to the police and I have since informed my lawyers as we gear up towards seeking legal redress.”

Livingston Abani

Thank you”.

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Livingston Abani has been off the radar for years. He is back to the news. A video of him fast going viral suggests that he is now a pastor.

The onetime Entertainment guru has turned a new leaf as he’s now a pastor of a church.

According to the video, the man is now leading a not so large congregation at his area of residence. 

As seen in the footage obtained, Abani is casting out a demon from a woman who obviously needed deliverance. Watch the video for yourself. 

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