Drama as pastor’s side chick pops up with his child during interview

A breeze of controversy swept through the studios of Nhyira FM when a pastor’s side-chick popped up with their baby during a live interview.

Evangelist Akwasi Nyarko, who had trumpeted his faithfulness in his almost four-year marriage, was in bewilderment after his mistress blew his cover.

The revelation came at a time when he was on radio defending some cheating allegation his wife had hanged on his neck, for which their marriage crashed.

Evangelist Nyarko’s wife, Esther alleged that she caught him red-handed attempting to sexually assault her 16-year-old niece who was in their care.

But, he challenged the claims while requesting for an egg and schnapps to lay curses.

While he was still swearing Heaven and earth on the matter in the interview on Nhyira FM’s Obra Show, information was passed around that a woman was in the premises claiming to be his mistress.

The said side-chick, who hails from Obuasi, revealed she has a child with Evangelist Nyarko, a family he started on the blind side of his wife.

For the first time, he confessed the claim was true, but once again Evangelist Nyarko had a response everyone was not expecting.

The Bo Mpae composer disclosed he started the family four years ago before even wedding Esther, adding that the side-chick was never a marriage option.

He, however, pledged to take care of their four-year-old daughter as well as the two-year-old with his wedded wife.

Esther, on the other hand, announced she would be proceeding to court over the embarrassment she has been subjected to in the few years of their marriage.

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