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The aggrieved 499 students have said the Resolution from Ghana’s Parliament to the General Legal Council (GLC) to compel the Ghana Law School (GLS) to have them admitted come as a sign of relief.

Speaking to Starr FM on Starr Today, the Leader for the aggrieved Students, Daniel Sackey stated that Parliament’s action goes to exonerate them and confirms what they describe as illegality by Ghana Law School in disallowing their admission.

“The Parliamentarians are the representative of the people of Ghana and so the people of Ghana have unanimously pointed out to the GLC that whatever you are doing to our children is wrong. You have to eat a humble pie and do the needful, that alone brings some sign of relief.

“As a matter of fact, the students have been frustrated for some time now and this resolution from Parliament has come to release the tension, frustration and trauma that the GLC was putting them through. People are raising the question of the binding effect of this resolution,” he stated.

Parliament on Friday passed a resolution for the General Legal Council to compel the Ghana Law School to admit the 499 students who sat for the 2021 entrance exams and passed in accordance with the marking scheme as advertised.

This follows a motion moved by deputy minority whip Ahmed Ibrahim, fine-tuned by first deputy speaker who was presiding Joseph Osei-Owusu and repeated by Effutu MP and deputy majority leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin.

Meanwhile, the 499 students who were denied entrance into the Ghana Law School are in court challenging the decision arguing the marking scheme as advertised was changed after the exams.

When Daniel Sackey was asked if he had any confidence in Parliament’s Resolution to have them admitted.

The Leader said “I was in court and the response I am reading; I don’t see any repentance from the GLC on their initial position. I am of the view that Parliament has powers, they have procedures, they have the way they do their things. I will not want to go to the binding effect of Parliament when it comes to bodies established by Status.”

Daniel Sackey further stated that case in court has been a human rights issue which they have already suffered in the hands of the Law School adding that irrespective of the outcome of Parliament’s directive they will still pursue it to serve as a reference.


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