On Friday, ahead of the G20 summit, President Joe Biden met Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the Chigi palace in Rome.
On Friday, ahead of the G20 summit, President Joe Biden met Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the Chigi palace in Rome. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

On Saturday and Sunday, President Biden will attend G20 events and sessions focused on the main elements of the international economy and international issues.

The President may also hold meetings with other world leaders on the margins of the summit to discuss supply chain issues, energy prices and the Iranian nuclear program, Sullivan said.

The President then heads to Glasgow for COP26, a UN climate summit. The President will give a major address on climate as part of the summit. He will also meet with leaders on the margin of that summit to discuss a range of issues, including the Build Back Better World initiative that was announced at the Group of Seven summit earlier this year.

At both summits, Biden and European partners are expected to discuss coordinating policies on Iran, supply chains and global infrastructure efforts.

“The trip is going to give the President an opportunity to advance some of his highest affirmative priorities on behalf of the American people,” Sullivan said on Tuesday. “You’re going to see first hand in living color what foreign policy for the middle class is all about.”

Biden will “cement progress on the global minimum tax,” Sullivan said. G7 finance ministers agreed in June to back Biden’s sweeping overhaul of global tax system, including a global minimum tax of at least 15% on multinational companies.

The President will also be “laser focused on supply chains and energy prices because he knows that these issues impact working families here in America,” Sullivan said.

“In advancing the Build Back Better World initiative, the B3W initiative, he will show how a high standards climate friendly alternative to the Belt and Road Initiative can help American firms and American workers compete globally on every aspect of infrastructure, from physical to digital to health,” Sullivan said.

The Belt and Road Initiative is Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signature global infrastructure policy. The Chinese President will not be attending the summit.

Sullivan said: “I would just point out that we see no contradiction between pursuing ambitious and aggressive actions to meet this pivotal moment when it comes to the climate crisis and supporting a sustained and swift economic recovery that delivers security and opportunity for the American people.”

Biden has pledged to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by 50% to 52% below its 2005 emissions by 2030.

Former President Barack Obama will also be attending COP26, but will not overlap with Biden, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday.

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