Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, Executive Officer, Crime Check Foundation
Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, Executive Officer, Crime Check Foundation

A 62-year-old woman, Mary Akweley Coffie, wants to return to Ghana as her son, Zaid who invited her to Brazil has subjected her to maltreatment.

Madam Coffie had to find a way of reaching the Executive Director of Crime Check Foundation, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, to ask for support to retrieve her passport from her son who has seized it.

In an audio recording she sent to Mr Kwarteng, Madam Coffie alleged that her son does not care about her wellbeing and has subjected her to slavery.

She said when she decided to return to Ghana due to the ill-treatment, her son refused to release her documents to her and when she insisted on taking them, Zaid told other tenants in the house they lived in that she had lost her senses.


“My son reported me to the Brazilian authorities that I had gone mad so they sent me to Asylum. For three months now, my son has not visited me. He does not care about me. The Brazilian authorities gave me some injections meant for mentally challenged persons because of what my son told them. I only want to return to Ghana,” she said.

Madam Coffie said life has become difficult for her, as the ‘kenkey’ she sells in the South American country is not yielding much profit. She is appealing to Ghanaians to help her retrieve her travelling documents from her son so that she can return to Ghana.

“My son said he will never give me my documents and if I bring anybody he will convince the person that I am mentally unstable. He has turned me into a slave so I am pleading with you to help me,” she appealed.

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