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The Ghana National Gas Company has launched the second edition of the Gas Challenge, an initiative aimed at educating the general public about the operations in the gas industry in Ghana.

The Gas Challenge is a quiz competition designed to refine society on the domestic use of gas, the economic opportunities along the gas value chain, and health and safety matters related to the use of gas.

Speaking on Starr Today, Chief Executive Officer of the Company Dr Ben K.D Asante said “we look at the gas value change right from the exploration of production through to the gathering of the gas, the processing of it, the transmission and of course the distribution and utilization of it. Each of these process gates is an industry by itself.”

The CEO also spoke about the need to engage the youth in the Gas industry.

“To be able to get the youth into these industries, certainly, you will need some capital resources obviously. But more importantly, we need the requisite knowledge and base that would prepare them for this industry. . And I think the youth that are actually coming up now, you can see from the enthusiasm that was shown with the pronouncement and declaration of this execution that, they have really geared up that mantle of actually taking advantage of all the industries that can spring up from the use of gas.”

He further spoke about the bridging of the Gas industry and the tertiary institutions.

“This cooperation between Ghana gas the tertiary institutions is a good model step towards bridging that model gap between academia and the industry. Not just for power generation but also as feedstock for the petrochemical and agrochemical industry.”

Dr. Ben K.D. Asante has earlier said that gas is the best option until renewable energy transition. “With rally towards more renewable sources of energy in full force, gas remains the best bet as a source of clean fuel to economies owing to its availability, sustainability, and readiness of infrastructure to process it”, he added.

Source: Ghana/ Nsiah

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