Social media influencer, Jayne Rivera, has deleted her Instagram account following outrage over pictures she claimed to have taken at her father’s funeral.

The fitness model, from Florida, shared series of eight snaps showing her in different poses, wearing a one-shouldered tuxedo dress, in front of what appears to be an open casket.

She captioned the post: “Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi you were my best friend. A life well-lived.”

In one image she can be seen smiling straight at the camera, while in another she stands with her hands clasped together in prayer.

Jayne had previously taken to her account the week before to share the sad news that her father, a veteran, had passed away, reports

The photos were quickly shared far and wide across the internet, with many on Twitter branding the whole thing ‘vile’ and ‘disrespectful’.

One person posted: “S**t is just vile, and downright disgusting.”

Another said: “Not cool Jayne, ur dad was a decorated vet, a photoshoot by his casket should be beneath you. May he rest in eternal peace.”

A third wrote: “No respect. No dignity. No clue. No reason to exist apart from show us that these younger generations are actually doomed. Obviously, this is an extreme case, but f**k me what is the world actually coming to.”

Someone else compared the photos to an episode of Black Mirror, adding: “Narcissists are rampant these days. Their lives at centred on social media and likes they get. Reminds me of an episode of Black Mirror.”

However, not everyone saw an issue with the images and some argued she shouldn’t be ‘forced to mourn’ in the same way as everyone else.

A different user tweeted: “As someone who just lost their dad last year… I can relate to her in that way… but I’d never do this. Ever. With that being said… who tf are we to tell this woman how to mourn and how to carry herself when she’s the one who lost her father.. y’all need to mind your business.”

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