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President Biden closed his White House remarks by urging Congress to pass both his economic agenda and the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“Given half a chance, the American people have never ever ever ever let the country down, so let’s get this done,” Biden said, while making a final push for the scaled back framework and the bipartisan infrastructure bill ahead of his overseas trip to Europe.

“These bills continue cutting taxes for middle class, for child care, for health care, so much more. Let me close with this. For much too long, working people in this nation in the middle class of this country, have been dealt out of the American deal. It’s time to deal them back in,” he said.

The President noted how both bills are a cornerstone of what he campaigned on and what people voted him into office for.

Biden continued, “I ran for President saying it was time to reduce the burden on the middle class, to rebuild the backbone of this nation, working people and the middle class. I couldn’t have been any clearer from the very moment I announced my candidacy. That’s why I wrote these bills in the first place and took them to the people. I campaigned on them, and the American penal spoke. This agenda, the agenda that’s in these bills is what 81 million Americans voted for. More people voted than at any time in American history. That’s what they voted for. Their voices deserve to be heard or denied or worst ignored,” the President said.

These bills “are about betting on America, about believing in America, about believing in the capacity of the American people. If you look at history of the journey of this nation, what becomes crystal clear is this. I’ll say it again. Given half a chance, the American people have never ever, ever, ever left the country down, so let’s get this done,” Biden said.

More background: Despite Biden touting the framework, there is no guarantee Democrats pass the social safety net or the physical infrastructure packages as moderate Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema haven’t explicitly committed to backing the plan and House progressives have made clear they do not want to vote for the infrastructure bill unless the larger bill moves in tandem, and have said a framework is not enough to win their votes.

The President outlined the various investments contained in the framework of his “Build Back Better” agenda, including expanding services for seniors, childcare, expanding the child tax credit, investments in higher education and investments to combat the climate crisis.

He also stressed talking points he has been making for months when pitching these plans, noting the packages are fully paid for, wont raise taxes on Americans making less than $400,000 a year and will reduce the deficit.

CNN’s Jason Hoffman contributed reporting to this post.

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