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The Peoples’ National Convention (PNC) has dragged its 2020 presidential candidate, David Apasera and the National Chairman, Moses Danibaah to court for allegedly embezzling party funds.

The National Executive Committee of the PNC wants the court to compel the two to refund GH¢ 150,000 and another GH¢ 70,000 back into the party’s coffers.

Internal wrangling within the party has been ongoing for several months now, with no signs of each faction backing down.

The embattled General Secretary of the PNC, Janet Nabla says the party intends to retrieve all the monies from the two persons since they have failed to account for the funds.

“The two of them went and withdrew all the party’s money without my knowledge… It was GH¢ 1.7 million, and they withdrew everything. And the GH¢ 150,000 that we acquired to look for party offices, no party office has been built in the whole of two years. We are asking the court to give us our money back and compel them to tell us what they used the GH¢ 1.7 million for. They are supposed to respond, that’s why we went to court. We are all waiting for them to respond,” Janet Nabila said.

Meanwhile, the party’s 2020 presidential candidate David Apasera says they will make a strong case to the court to throw out the case.

According to him, the case lacks merit because they have already rendered accounts to the National Executive Committee (NEC) and no leader of the party objected to the accounts they rendered.

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“If we are a going to court, and you say PNC, who is representing PNC? We have no case to answer. This kind of joke is worth no attention at all. In the last NEC meeting, we gave the account to NEC and NEC accepted it. That so-called person who is going around touting herself as General Secretary [Janet Nabila] when she was suspended was she even there? Nobody raised an issue with the financial statement. If they’ve done this, and it is accepted, how can they go to court and call me to come and answer? We are going to tell the court that it has no basis and that they should throw it out with the contempt that it deserves,” he said.

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