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There is a fire on the mountain. Mona Gucci has issued a stern warning to Ayisha Modi for peddling lies against her.

Mona Gucci who sounded very angry warned Ayisha Modi to desist from tarnishing her image or face her wrath.

According to Mona, Ayisha is very malicious and will do anything just for clout or to trend on social media.

The Onua TV presenter disclosed that Ayisha Modi recorded a conversation she had with her husband and sent it to her.

Mona also revealed that she decided to be silent about Ayisha Modi’s constant attacks on her personality because she has offered her financial assistance before but now, she can’t take it anymore.

Mona Gucci then vowed to drop Ayisha Modi’s dirty secrets if she is dared and doesn’t stop dragging her name through the mud.

On her “Biribi Gyegye” show, Mona refuted Ayisha Modi’s claims and also warned Modi ‘toys’ to stop the social media attacks.

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It can be recalled that Mona Gucci and Adu Safowah have been at each other’s throats for some days now after the latter was arrested for blackmailing Nana Does.

Well, Adu Safowah claims Ayisha Modi informed her that Mona Gucci was interested in Nana Doe and pleaded with Ayisha to link them up.

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