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Musician Kofi Kinaata has questioned the rationale behind declaring Castro dead since his family and other people close to him have already felt his absence all these years.

Yesterday 6th July 2021 marks exactly seven(7) years since Castro and his female friend Janet Bandu got missing during a jet ski ride in Ada.

Per the constitution of the country, one can only be officially declared dead when nothing has been heard from the missing person for seven years.

Ahead of the official declaration, Kofi Kinaata is of the view that whether he is declared dead or not is not going to change what his family and himself have been going through since his disappearance.

According to him, the act of declaring him dead doesn’t prevent him from coming back when he feels it’s time for him to return from wherever he is.

He said: “Personally, his absence is costing me a lot and his being declared dead will not change anything for the family, friends, and loved ones since we still don’t see him around”.

“Again, we don’t feel his presence or contribution in our lives, which is a great loss so what is the point in declaring him dead? The declaration will not change how we feel about his absence and the many tears that are being shed for what befell him since we are already in pain. Declaring him dead will not kill him or prevent him from coming back home when he feels like doing that if he is not dead,” Kinaata added.

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