A memo from a source close to the Champlain Tower East building sought to reassure residents concerned about the stability of their building following the collapse of the south tower on June 24. 

The memo says a construction company has “added shoring to the post that had concrete spalling” in the building’s garage that day, noting the post “showed [spalling] after CTS [Champlain Towers South] collapsed.” 

For reference, Champlain Tower East (built in 1994) is located between the partially collapsed Champlain Tower South (built in 1981)and its sister building, Champlain Tower North (built in 1982).

Concrete spalling is the breakdown or flaking of a concrete surface, which can expose what’s underneath. It often happens when steel reinforcements underneath the concrete begin to rust.

The memo said although seven different engineers have ensured the board that the building “is safe and in good shape,” the post should be repaired “immediately to relieve and doubts anyone might have.” The repair needs to be approved by the city, the memo says, but the board has requested the approval process be expedited.

In addition to the shoring of that particular pillar in the garage, the memo explained that a structural firm has added 13 sensors to monitor for any movement in the building.

“They use precise laser readings to determine the precise location of each post and then monitor that target to determine if there is any movement. We have been told that this activity is more that we need to do, but again in an abundance of caution we will implement this monitoring program,” the memo reads.

More details: The memo said engineers will return in two weeks to see if there has been any movement of the building. 

The memo says the board “will continue to do what is necessary to keep our people and building safe. It is our highest priority. Much has been said about the forty-year certification program. Many buildings wait until 40 years to do maintenance to their building. This is not our approach. We will continue to do any maintenance as we experience it.”

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