Spinal Clinic Limited, a leading chiropractic facility in Ghana, has marked its 15th in grand style.

The anniversary was held at its head office at Lashibi under the theme “Excellent Chiropractic Delivery”.

The company which specializes in all types of spinal misalignments is geared towards another phase of advanced treatment.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Operating Officer of the clinic, Mrs. Faustina Cox, chronicled the steady growth of the health facility and announced that they will continue to provide “full quality chiropractic services to every person who needs chiropractic help”.

Dr. Bryan Leon Cox, the Chief Executive and founder of Spinal Clinic, in addressing the media, said Ghanaians should debunk the idea that seeking chiropractic attention is expensive.

“You know, there is this misconception that chiropractic care is expensive. Comparing that to the likes of kidney and liver failures, it is absolutely worth it that you take care of your spine, as it takes care of all related illnesses. And it is not expensive too,” he said.

Dr. Cox also stated that his aim now is to establish a school to help train professional chiropractors to help solve a world problem.

“Over the years, I have seen facilities say they do can help correct spinal problems, but end up damaging them. That is why it has been my long dream to establish a school of chiropractic care. This will help train more people professionally for the good of all”.

About Spinal Clinic

Spinal Clinic Limited was established in 2006 by Dr. Bryan L. Cox, a renowned Chiropractor, as a chiropractic facility that specializes in identifying and correcting spinal misalignment without the use of medications, drugs, or surgery.

Since its inception, the company has saved many lives by providing outstanding and holistic treatment to thousands of Ghanaians from different walks of life.

The company offers chiropractic services in helping health problems such as waist pains, back pains, neck problems, shoulder problems, headaches, blood pressure, numbness and tingling in Arms and Feet, and other related health conditions.

As a result of its remarkable services, the company has won several industrial awards such as Outstanding leader in the chiropractic care of the year (West African Clinical Alliance Awards), Customer Service Leadership Awards Category 2010 (Ghana Customer Service Awards), Best medical Practitioner in Chiropractic Practice (West African Traditional and alternative Medical Awards 2018) and Best Chiropractic Centre of the Year (West African Clinical Alliance Awards).

The company currently operates two (2) state-of-the-art facilities in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana (Lashibi Community 20 and East Legon). Spinal Clinic aims to become the ultimate chiropractic facility in Africa and beyond.

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