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Comic actor and musician Clemento Suarez who tied the knot barely a year ago is of the view that there is no special blessing in marriage as some people claim.

According to him, blessing comes from God and not from marriage because it is only the almighty that decide to bless people.

He made this comment while speaking with blogger Zionfelix at the 2022 Edition at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards last weekend.

He explained that people have been receiving blessings from God for a long time before they even got married and not when after they married.

Clemento Suarez continued that marriage just brings respect amongst peers because people are now going to address them as Mr and Mrs and all those kind of stuffs.

Watch the video below:

He concluded and insisted that blessings come from the Lord and that God bless people he chooses to bless but not necessarily because the person decided to marry.

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