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The Kontihene of Ejura Traditional Council, Nana Odiasempa Antwi Obugyei II, has disclosed that the chiefs of the town expected chaos in the community when news of Ibrahim Mohammed’s death got to them.

“From yesterday, we’ve been fighting this scene not happening. The moment we heard that the guy Kaaka was dead, we realised there wasn’t going to be peace,” he said.

According to him, efforts were made to ensure peace is maintained but the unfortunate rather occurred.

 “So we started talking to the various factions and from yesterday around 2:pm, we’ve been talking, calming them down,” he said.

He also said the Ejurahene, earlier before the unfortunate incident, spoke with a sizable number of the people who assured him that the calm in the community will be maintained.

“But we don’t know what happened, all of a sudden we heard that there was a confrontation between the youth and then the peacemakers, and I had to rush to the scene. I went there and saw a pool of blood, so I had to follow up to the hospital,” he said.

In a quest to avenge the death of Kaaka Macho, the youth of the community hit the streets to protest to seek justice for one of their own.

However, the protest got out of control following a clash with Military personnel who fired shots directly into the crowd killing at least two persons and leaving four others severely injured.

“They are trying to avenge the death of one of their own, now we have multiple injuries and deaths,” the Kontihene said.

“Just from the hospital, I witnessed two people dead and six to nine people seriously injured,” he added.

Nana Odiasempa Antwi Obugyei II noted that the Military personnel came in to help maintain peace, therefore, he was “very surprised” that they ended up shooting directly into the crowd.

“As I was heading towards the scene, I saw the Police water cannon spreading water, so I thought that was enough to scare or get them off, but just as I went past them, most of the people came running towards me and they told me four people have been shot,” he recounted.

He said the Ejurahene, Barima Osei, has been in a meeting “with the powers that be so that we can find a lasting solution to this problem.”


The Kontihene is, however, appealing to the community members to restrain from any action that could worsen the already chaotic situation.

“I’m appealing to my brothers, to all Ejura citizens to calm down. We are not in a war, we just want justice for our brother who died but out of that we are escalating things and it is turning into a horrific thing.

“We don’t want to fight the Military, we don’t want to fight the security agencies, we just want justice for the dead.”

He also called on the government “to come to their aid and support us to find justice at Ejura.”

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