Health workers at the Pantang Hospital in Accra on Monday, June 28, 2021, poured onto the streets of the Pantang-Abokobi to register their displeasure over the alleged encroachment of the hospital’s lands, a situation that puts their lives at risk.

For the past seven years, managers of the mental health facility have called on the government to fence the facility to prevent private individuals from encroaching on their property, but their plea has not yielded results.

The demonstrating workers numbering about 100 say their lives are at risk, hence their decision to embark on a strike until the hospital is fenced.

Staff at the hospital have over the years complained about robberies and other attacks they face at the hands of land guards.

According to the workers’ association of over 700 people, their safety has been jeopardized, and that they are at risk due to the encroachment by private individuals who sometimes attack them in their line of duty.

A health worker at the hospital said the protest is only an appeal for better protection.

Staff of the hospital has declared an indefinite strike to have their demands met.

Amidst these concerns, the management of the Hospital has appealed to the government to treat calls for the erection of a fence wall for the facility with urgency.

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