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In anticipation of the Mother’s Day celebration slated for Sunday, May 9, actor Akrobeto has paid an essential tribute to women in a unique way possible.

The comic presented Friday’s edition of UTV’s satiric programme The Real News clad in a native attire popularly known as Kaba & Slit.

Looking all dashing, Akrobeto was decorated with makeup and a black wig that made him glow and appear as a real woman.

He completed his looks with accessories that looked like they had been scavenged from his mother’s jewellery box. Unbeknownst to viewers, he revealed that he was also wearing brassier and undergarments that made him feel like a complete woman.

Akrobeto showered praises on women who conceived, gave birth and played a critical role in raising billions of people in every corner of the globe.

In his submission, he also entreated men to love, respect, admire and cherish their awesomeness as they shoulder so much of the burden of society.

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