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A statement by a co-commentator during the live broadcast of Manchester City’s UCL semi-final against PSG has fans on Twitter up in arms.

Jim Beglin, who was backing Peter Drury on commentary for Wednesday night’s tie for CBS, drew the ire of of viewers when he attributed Argentine, Angel Di Maria’s stamp on Fernandinho’s foot, an action which earned him a red card, to his “Latino temperament.”

This did not go down well with fans who expressed their anger with the comment, which they felt was promoting racial stereotypes.

Jim Beglin, obviously notified about the uproar he had provoked, apologised for the gaffe during the game.

“When Di Maria was sent off, I described it by using the word Latino. For anybody that’s taken offence, I do apologize – sincerely apologize.”

This, however, has not appeased people who felt that his comment was unacceptable, particularly following the recent social media blackout meant to make a statement against online abuse and racism, which Jim Beglin also took part in.

Take a look at a video of the incident below:

Riyad Mahrez’s double gave Man City a 2-0 win on the night and a 4-1 win on aggregate to take them through to their first-ever Champions League final.

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