A renowned Ghanaian Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ilyas Hajj Umar has raised concern about the shortage of caregivers in Muslim communities.

In his estimation, many wealthy Muslims have disregarded the maxim that “Sharing is caring,” making it difficult for the destitute to earn a living.

According to Sheikh Ilyas, true believers of Allah help others to survive, rather than always be at the receiving end.

He raised this concern in the third episode of this year’s Ramadan Quranic commentary (Tafsir), seeking to provide a clear interpretation and explanation of the Holy Quran.

Every Ramadan season, he uses the entire month attempting to guide people to stay on the right path.

He prayed for the living and the dead, and for Allah to keep Ghana in constant peace and harmonious relations.

Sheikh Ilyas persuaded people to stay sacred and safe by strictly adhering to the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Sheikh Ilyas Hajj Umar is a former Tutor of Tamale Senior High School (Tamasco) who is an advocate of peace and religious tolerance.

Office of Sheikh Ilyas Hajj Umar

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