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Slay queen and actress Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo according to new information we are picking up has not been sent to prison despite her 90 days court sentence.

The socialite last Friday was whisked away in a taxi to begin her prison sentence but four days down the line, she is yet to be sent to any of the maximum security in the country to serve her sentence.

Per the information we have gathered, there are two main reasons why she is yet to be sent to prison to begin her 90 days sentence.

The first reason we gathered is that the actress is still waiting for the result of her COVID-19 test to ascertain if whether she is positive or negative to the deadly virus that has taken the lives of some people around the world.

According to a source, a COVID-19 test was conducted a day after her sentence and up until today the police are yet to receive the test result.

It is said that if the result comes back as positive, then she would first have to be quarantined and treated before serving her jail term but if it turns out to be negative, she would quickly be taken to prison to begin her prison sentence.

The second reason we are informed has to do with the appeal by her lawyer to get the 90 days jail term which has been tagged as ‘harsh’ by some Ghanaians looked into.

The lawyer for Akuapem Poloo yesterday Monday, April 19, 2021, requested that the actress be kept in Prison custody as the court listens to their appeal application filed before the court.

Now what this simply means is that she would have to stay in police custody until a final verdict is reached after the appeal has been heard.

Many would question Where is Akuapem Poloo? Well, the answer is simple she is still in the custody of the Police awaiting further instructions from the court.

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