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A woman identified as Linda Amoako’s decision to please her lover has landed her in big trouble, with her mother vowing to disown her.

A romantic affair Linda had with her financially unstable lover forced her to steal all her mother’s savings for their upkeep.

Speaking amid tears in the studios of Nhyira FM during the popular Obra show, Madam Comfort said she became a subject of empathy of a few closed friends who showered her with upkeep money after battling kidney problems.

The monetary gifts, coupled with some church collection loan she had saved for years was nowhere to be found when she needed the lump sum for surgery.

Madam Comfort said she, together with her other children tried looking for the money in vain as it had disappeared into thin air, only for Linda to confess years later that she was the thief.

Asked to explain how she made the transactions, Linda said she was wary of bank rules, so she diverted the funds from her mother’s bank account to a mobile money wallet before she withdrew same.

She confessed she saw her mother punch her pin on her phone, and from that time, she had been constantly milking the wallet dry; from the initial GHS 100 to any amount her lover demanded.

Linda, however, stated that following the birth of her twin children, she developed a post-partum complication for which she has used the money to fund bills.

But, Madam Comfort challenged the claim, revealing she takes very good care of her unemployed daughter, even to the point of adopting her first grandchild.

As the mother’s decision to disown her stares her in the face, Linda has pledged to do everything possible to right her wrongs, even if jail term is her only option.

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