Prosecuting attorney Steve Schleicher reminded the jury about testimony from experts who gave their opinions on what Chauvin could’ve done instead of staying on top of Floyd for over 9 minutes.

“There were multiple moments of time, ladies and gentlemen, multiple moments in time where things could have gone different,” Schleicher said. 

Among the things that Schleicher said the officers could’ve done to help Floyd — but didn’t do — were rotate Floyd onto his side and perform CPR on him.

Schleicher said that Chauvin had a duty to render Floyd medical aid, according to police department policy.

“He had a policy, a policy he was supposed to follow. A duty to provide medical aid. You’re not supposed to phone that in, you’re supposed to use your training, and provide medical aid.” 

He continued: “The defendant knew how to do it, he had the training. He knew better. He just didn’t do better. George Floyd did not have to die that day, should not have died that day. But, for the fact, that the defendant decided not to get up, and not to let up. George Floyd died.”

Schleicher said that Chauvin’s actions “were a substantial factor in George Floyd’s death.” 

“These actions make no mistake, these actions were not policing. These actions were an assault,” he said.

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