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Residents at Tapa-Abotoase in the Biakoye District of the Oti Region have handed over a woman to the traditional council for allegedly stealing two sheep.

The incident occurred on Friday night in a nearby community, Grumah Kruaa.

An eyewitness told Adom News the woman was caught selling the sheep to a neighbour.

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The said animals, according to reports were a subject of litigation between the suspect and a gentleman in the area.

Due to the misunderstanding, the sheep were given to Unit Committee Chairman to keep until the matter is solved.

But the suspect went for the sheep in his house while he was away. Some residents who saw her raised alarm and she was apprehended.

All attempts by the woman to fight off the allegations proved futile. Some of the angry residents who spoke to Adom News claimed she is a notorious thief.

Meanwhile, the Tapa-Abotoase Traditional Council is yet to commence investigation.

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