Kumbungu flood victims given land to relocate

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The Chief of Dalun Dalunlanaa Mahama Amidu has released a 26-acre parcel of land to last year’s flood victims to relocate to higher grounds.

About 7000 residents in eight communities in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region were hit by severe flooding; destroying properties and foodstuff.

Two communities Afayile and Nawuni were the worse hit. Based on the severity of the floods, there were calls for the residents to be moved to higher ground.

At a short ceremony, the chief of Dalun handed over the land to the victims.

Works and Engineer Office for the Kumbungu District, Ameyaw Zaribu said the assembly’s role is to provide demarcation plans, an extension of the electricity and water to the area adding that with the onsets of rains the assembly will do its part to ensure work progresses.

The Director for Youth Opportunity Partnership Program, the NGO which facilitated processes of the allocation of the land, Abubakari Abu, said the relocation is the only way to stop annual flooding.

He said it does not make sense to always run to the aid of the people with food and clothing every year without providing them with a permanent place to live without flood.

Mr. Abu said his organization has initiated livelihood support programs to assist the victims. He mentioned dry season farming, fish farming and bee keeping among others.

Mr. Abu thanked the Chief for releasing the land but urged the assembly to ensure work starts soon.

Assemblyman for Nawuni Electoral Area, Alhassan Yussif, and some of the victims said the idea of relocation is the best solution to end the annual ritual.

They however raised concerns over resources to construct their homes. They appealed for support to enable them to move before the rains.

Mr. Yussif noted that 98 families were earmarked to be relocated but so far only 30 have registered for the program.

A presentative of the Dalun Chief, Yipeli Naa Abdullah Alhassan said floods in the Nawuni area continues to cause havoc each year; destroying properties and in some cases resulting in death of people.

He said to end the havoc they are offering the land with the belief that it will solve the problem. Mba Yipel Naa appealed for support to enable the people to resettle.

“We are not giving out the land in return for anything. It’s to enable them to relocate and so anyone who wants to support is welcome,” he said

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