The man took to the microblogging site Twitter to share his opinion and it has triggered a lot of reactions with some people agreeing with him while others disagree.

“Women get hurt by and choose the same kind of man over and over. If you wanna know what she likes, look at the men that keep breaking her heart. That’s her type,” @justChinks wrote on Twitter to help men who are minded know the specifications of any woman.

His view sat well with another Twitter user, @_Dollar_King who described the assertion as “pure wisdom”.

“This is pure wisdom… If we had to break this down, we’ll say it’s simply the flashy, rich with no humour kind of guys they’re actually attracted to,” he wrote.

Another user, @AdongPheonah reacted, saying: “Getting the same men over n over only proves that all men are the same.”

Meanwhile, @JEtuwat disagreed, saying: “Issues of the heart have neither definite formulas nor logical explanations.”

@KerrytheSagaman too has an interesting reaction. He said: “This is why nice men acting like her saviour always gets dumped.”

Another user, @shutang__ wrote: “That’s what they like, but they just keep hoping that he changes and stop hurting them.”

@anyangu Vincent wrote: “A woman is equal to the kind of poison she consumes.”

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