He explained: “When we were in the case management conference stage, we evaluated all the evidence against her; the pictorial evidence and the witness statement. We realised that we don’t have a good case”.

He said harsher punishment would have been given her if she is found culpable, after about two or three months of trial proceedings.

The lawyer said with Miss Brown being a first-time offender pleading guilty to the charges was the best alternative.

Akuapem Poloo has been handed a 90 days jail sentence over naked pictures with her son.

Prosecuting judge Christina Cann expressed discontent with the alarming rate with which nudity has become a thing in the country’s social media space.

She said it is important the court take sanctions for the message to go down with everyone how wrong it is to do that on social media.

The judge added that the actress is being punished to serve as a disincentive to others.

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