Rosemond Brown’s lawyer has not ruled out an appeal for the 90-day jail sentence handed to his client for posting a nude photo of herself and her seven-year-old son on social media.

Speaking to the media after the sentencing, her lead counsel, Andrew Vortia said appealing the ruling “is an option for us…For me, I want to go for an appeal.”

He said he was waiting for the full judgment of the case before proceeding with the next line of action.

“I have written for the judgment. If I have it by the close of the day, by 9 am on Monday [April 19] I will file an appeal,” he told the press on Friday, April 16, 2021.

Rosemond Brown, widely known as Akuapem Poloo, was given the 90-day jail term following her conviction on charges of publication of obscene material and domestic violence.

She pleaded guilty to all three charges on Wednesday and was convicted on her own plea by the court.

Her lawyer had made a mitigation plea to ask for a more lenient punishment.

Mr. Vortia maintained that the custodial sentence handed out was too harsh.

“The mitigating factors in her favour are greater than the aggravating factors. When you consider this offence, it is not rape. It is not murder. It is a misdemeanour in which she could have been dealt with lightly,” he said.

The lawyer also questioned the lack of concern for Rosemond Brown’s seven-year-old son.

“Social welfare should have been bought in. We are protecting the child. The mother is gone, so who takes care of the child? Absolutely nothing was done to that effect,” Mr. Andrew said.

The judge, Christina Cann, bemoaned the spate of nudity on the Ghanaian social media space when she handed the sentence on Friday.

According to her, the punishment meted out to Rosemond Brown must serve as a deterrent to others.

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