Speaking on his Good Evening Ghana show, he said “ I think to be fair to him at all material times he said “Honourary Degree” and people have raised issues about the period within which the degrees were acquired, 4 months as it has been interpreted“.

He continued that “one thing Sonnie Badu has said that strikes me is the culture of our people which I have been very passionate about … we are not fighting over anything we have to distinguish apples from oranges“.

However, disputing Sonnie’s claim that Degrees may be awarded differently in Africa as compared to the U.S, he said “universities are universal so I don’t agree with Sonnie Badu that it is done in a certain way in Europe and a certain way in Africa“.

He explained that “the Universities that award the degrees after 4 years after undergraduate work, sometimes one year or two years of a masters programme and another 3 or 4 years for PhD work … those Universities accredited are also able to give honourary degrees

They give those degrees to people in the area where those people have done some work, that’s an honourary PhD … in doing so those Universities give the degrees according to the work of the person,” Paul added on his Metro TV show.

Setting the record straight, he emphasized “based on my work in journalism I can be awarded an honorary degree … I should never compare that honourary PhD degree to the one that Dr Etse Sikanku did in Communication, no

It’s an honorary degree I can’t even go around and use the name Dr, well whenever I want to use it, I must prefix it with honourary so that people know that I didn’t work for it, I was recognized for it,” Mr Adome Otchere said.

He further noted that “so the point Sonnie Badu is making is that all the degrees were honourary but the small matter is that the institution that gave Sonnie Badu the degree, they are not accredited as an academic university.

They are an institution that awards recognizes awards in religious matters … so Sonnie Badu is right, they will have to assess his work of 28 years as a minister to give him that. That’s fair,” he explained.

Commenting on the ‘Baba’ singer’s response which many have described as arrogant, the seasoned broadcaster opined that “I think there is a bit of confusion in the Ghanaian society which gave that uproar and I have to say that Mr Badu didn’t respond to it that well he was quite disappointed he was disappointed in the responses and responded in a certain way“.

In the video below, Paul Adom-Otchere concluded that “Sonnie Badu is our hero whichever way you look at it when you put Sonnie Badu’s profile, he is a Ghanaian hero and Sonnie Badu we love you in Ghana, don’t say that you don’t live here, we want you live here we love you”.

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