The actress was charged with publication of obscene material with her sentencing postponed to Friday 16th April 2021. Unhappy about Poloo’s conviction, Reggie Rockstone is saying that “the next time I see a dipo cultural sum tin I am suing sum one (dunno who yet).

The ‘dipo’ culture by the Krobos of the Eastern region is traditional puberty rites of passage, that initiate young girls into adulthood. The rites are done with the girls covered in a piece of clothes and beads that leaves their body and breasts on display.

Referencing the nudity that comes with the traditional rite, the Hip Life legend added that “young girls with dema breastisis out in loin cloth paraded in front of grown men and women and booze dey around hmmm!“.

Akuapem Poloo’s conviction since yesterday has sparked debate on social media as many argue that her post, which she apologized for and deleted, must not lead her to jail as she awaits sentencing.

As a requirement by law, the court has to be sure of Akuapem Poloo’s state as a woman, hence, an order for a pregnancy test to be conducted to ensure that she is not pregnant.

The actress was therefore remanded into police custody to appear on Friday (April 16, 2021) with the results of the pregnancy for sentencing. She is likely to be handed jail time, community service or fine based on the presiding Judge’s discretion.

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