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As some notable personalities in Ghana are ‘fighting’ for Akuapem Poloo during these hard times of her life, Afia Schwarzenegger is coming in with a different approach.

The self-acclaimed queen of GH comedy is rather jubilating and thanking the Child Right International – The organization that took Poloo’s nude photo matter to court-, over the conviction of the vixen.

Afia Schwar, according to her take on this trending issue, in a post shared that as an ambassador of orphans in Ghana, she thinks the NGO has done a yeoman’s job for fighting for a child right from an abusive mother (this case referring to Poloo).

She went on to add that blockheads and illiterates will chastise her for this, she begs to differ, disclosing that this ‘wonderful’ accomplishment carried out by the Child Rights International will open the gates for abusive mothers to face the law.

As an ambassador for Orphans in Ghana and a child right activist I say Ayeeko. Thank you for fighting for a child right from an abusive mother. I know illiterates n blockheads will not understand this or the cost involve. Now to all abusive parents…children have their right n if we catch you abusing that right,the laws of the land will humble you. Looking forward to working with such a credible organisation…Congrats!!!!Good morning Ghana“. Schwar wrote on Instagram.

Afia Schwar's post
Afia Schwar’s post

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